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Welcome to Women in Truth Ministries!

WIT, Inc. is non-profit, independent ministry developed for women in need: first, to encourage and provide free helps to church women to begin their own ministries and secondly, to provide immediate spiritual help to women in great need. Women in Truth is not associated with any particular church or parent organization.

Around The World, Women Are Using This Website

Whether it is Zambia, India, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, America and beyond, women from around the world are responding to the WIT web site by courageously beginning their own women's ministry for women in need. We thank God for each one of you!

We love the fact, we have done much of the work for you! We encourage you to use all the "free helps" and "how-to-do" articles in this web site. Everything is free and can be copied! Best of all, the materials in the WIT web site have been tried, are continually updated and are presently being used successfully, We have tried to help you not waste time or money in starting your own ministry.

In fact, we will publish your WIT Ministry news on this web site. Just email your article and pictures by using our Contact Form. The subject line should read: WIT Ministry Web Site News.

Please note: the WIT ministry does not have the resources to donate, sponsor, mail materials, or provide extra helps beyond our web site. Every WIT Ministry is self-supported by the local church that sponsors your ministry. Thank you for your understanding.


Women in Truth Ministry is alive and well! 

On May 15th, Pastor Gershom Kapiso received WIT funds to begin to rebuild his totally flooded home, church and vegtable garden field.  Approximately 20,000 Zambia people became homeless due to torrential rains in North Zambia along Lake Mweru, which is the  border of Zambia and the Republic of  the Congo. Thanks to pictures taken by Pastor Henry Katontoka, we learned of this diaster.  Special thanks to Pastor Moses Zulu for assisting us in getting the funds directly to the pastor. 

WIT chose to help Pastor Gershom Kapiso as he is one of the most powerful Evangelists in Zambia. Since his conversion to Jesus Christ in 2005, he  trained to become a pastor and has since planted over 33 churches in both Zambia and the Republic of Congo. He is reported to be an extremely hard worker and very faithful in serving the Lord. He built a church with a grass roof  and uses a bicycle for transportation. In 2011, Pastor Kapiso took a team into a Pygmy area, a people who subsist on foraging wild food sources and hunter gathering in the Congo rain forest. They are notable for their short stature and not communicating with outsiders. This was a very dangerous situation in the beginning but soon God miraculously enabled Pastor Kapiso and the team to plant a church.     



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Marion County Jail Report - Tuesday, October 15 & Sunday, October 20: 46  Professions of Faith in Jesus Christ! 107 Attended!


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