Diana's Testimony

Here is her story:

My life before Jesus seemed fine to me. I was raised in a Christian home attending church and thinking I was a Christian. As I struggled through my childhood into my young adult years I felt insecurity in my "Christianity" always hearing the question being asked " If you die tonight, do you know without a doubt that you are going to Heaven?" and never knowing the answer. I had an impression that if I went through all of the steps and motions I learned, in becoming a member of the church I attended, that would give me the security I was lacking. Out of many fears I never joined the church, mostly because I saw and heard about changes in peoples lives that was expected and I was only living for myself at that time. I was not interested in changing the people, places and things in my life! I thought I was okay because I grew up in church and knew so much about religion. During this season I experienced hopelessness. I had made many bad choices throughout my life thus far and felt that God was mad at me and would never forgive me because I had broken some serious commandments, I could never be saved.

All of this hopelessness turned into hope in September of 2004 when I finally understood that the Holy Spirit was speaking to my heart all throughout my life and all I needed to do was surrender my pitiful life over to Him! I was so insecure that I did not come forward until my own daughter had made her decision to surrender. As she told me what she was going to do I asked her if she would mind if we did it together? What a wonderful day it was!! Dropping the burden of my old life at Jesus' feet and doing it right beside my daughter! Since that day I received Jesus I have lived a different life. A life of security and hope. A life of Joy in knowing that no matter what I did and the bad choices I made in my former life that I am forgiven and loved! I have different goals in my life now, positive goals full of hope for the life I continue to live now and the life I KNOW I will have after death.

Editor's note:  Since the day she accepted Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, a brand new Diana evolved that doesn't even resemble the old Diana! That sweet reserved lady who sat in the back row has come to the front and turned into one of the most gifted Bible Teachers WIT has ever had! She also serves as a WIT Co-Director, facilitating the entire WIT Sunday School Ministry. She and her supportive husband even host the annual WIT Spring Homecoming Get Together at their home each spring. Diana and her daughter plan to go on the WIT Mission Trip to Zambia in July-August of this year.