Jail Ministry

The WIT Jail Ministry is an outreach program designed to share the Good News of Jesus Christ to women who are incarcerated. Secondly, we help them grow as new disciples of Jesus Christ by offering a wide range of spiritual opportunities both before and after their release.  Finally, it is our goal to help them become responsible citizens of our community, leading an independent life following biblical principles in their own home while remaining an active member in a church family.

For the past twelve years, WIT has led 4 Worship/Bible Services and individual counseling sessions monthly at the Marion County Jail in Ocala, Florida. We thank God for Sheriff Ed Dean and Jail Chaplains Bobby Murray and Robert Hart who have been a strong Christian influence in our Florida  jail community of 2,500 plus inmates. As a result, WIT has received an open door to ministry and have led over 500 women each year to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Once these precious women attend our WIT Jail service, they automatically become a member of WIT in our church and are warmly invited to come to the WIT Sunday School class when they are released!

A van service is waiting for them as well as a WIT Transitional Home and spiritual recovery program for those who truly want to "begin life again" following biblical principles! Most importantly, the church doors are swung wide open and needy women enter as "our honored guests," nurtured and discipled with the love of Jesus!

For more information, see Ministry Tools: Jail Ministry.