Sunday School is the Foundation

Out of bondage--new souls for Christ! The foundation of the Women In Truth ministry is the Church Sunday School Class. It is here where Jesus is able to reach out with an unconditional love to hurting, insecure women like no where else.

  • It is here where women begin to feel comfortable, as an accepted and respected part of the church family.
  • It is here where women finally open up their ears to God's Word and begin to understand how it applies to their life.
  • It is here where women can be offered a wide variety of spiritually enriching experiences, other than on Sunday morning.
  • It is here where women begin to be trained to use their spiritual gifts to serve others.
  • It is here where women discover God's plan and purpose for their lives.
  • It is here where women become leaders among women, reaching out to help other needy women!

Until a woman finds this kind of loving fellowship and friendship with other Christian women, they will quickly depart from the church.

For more information, see Ministry Tools: Sunday School.