Our Ministries


1. Pray and ask God to lead and guide you to serve Him in women's ministry.

2. If your church does not have a specific jail ministry for women, meet with your pastor and ask him to support you in meeting with the local jail chaplain or officer in charge.  Express your desire to lead a Christian class or service as needed at the jail.

3. Every church needs a Sunday School class for women who have special needs in their life: the lonely, widowed, divorced, ex-inmates, abused, single, new Christians, have husbands who are non-Christians and more.  As a rule they do not feel comfortable in a main-stream class and often, quit church altogether. Make an appointment with the Pastor and/or Education Minister and explain your desire to begin a Women's Sunday School Class for women who are temporarily over-coming obstacles in their life!

4. Are you seeking to participate in a ministry but are home-bound?  Start the Jail Pen Pal Mentoring Ministry and bless others with God's principles, right from your kitchen table!  Meet with a jail ministry team and let them help you implement this in your church. If you don't have a jail ministry, call the local jail chaplain, explain your ministry and ask for telephone numbers to women who do minister in the jail who can help you.

5. Do you (or someone you know) need a women's transitional home with a spiritual rehabilitation program? You just found one: the WIT Home!  Check it out! If we can't help you, we can steer you to one that can.

6. Do you feel like your church is ready to support a Recovery Home for women in need?  Check out this web site for all the procedures to do it successfully!

7. Want to join WIT but can't find a church that has this type of ministry? Go to our spiritual guidance links and check out the recommended churches.. You can receive a newsletter by mail or email weekly.  Go to our prayer request sites and let us know how we can pray for you.  Send us your testimony!  We welcome you!

8. We have founded a WIT Ministry in Zambia, Africa. If you want to help needy widowed women grow crops, learn a trade, and know the peace and joy through Jesus Christ, we would love you to join us.  All year we collect funds for women in great need to accomplish these goals. In August, 2010, WIT is going to Zambia to help these precious ones and make sure every penny is spent wisely.  If you would like to help WIT with this project, go to the area of our web site that says, "WOULD YOU LIKE TO HELP WIT?" We promise,"Every penny we collect goes to help women and children."