I was walking on my own and listening to myself every day.
My father said, "Child, where you heading
Cause it looks like you're going astray."
My preacher said, "People, what enslaves you
Has you locked up in these chains.
Well maybe it's time to leave your Egypt,
Try and take a leap of faith."

I believe I can climb any mountain.
I know I can cross the ocean.
Through prayer, I've received redemption.
Look at me, I'm a new creation.
I believe in the Lord, Our Father,
and He believes in me.

And now I see it oh so plainly.
I fall down on my knees.
One foot here and one foot there
Is no way to live in peace.
My heart is open wide now,
I am ready to receive.
I trust in you with all my faith.
Praise God, You delivered me!


Walking through the wilderness,
Trying to find happiness
But life became empty, meaningless.
I said, "Father, talk to me.
Tell me what You want from me.
He said, "Follow me.
You will see My blessings."