Patricia's Testimony

My life was full of guilt about the background of my life.  I had so much shame in me that even today I still have some of it in me.  I don't have many material things as others do, but I have love now, which keeps me going through the experiences I've had in my past life.

Losing so many loved ones that cared for me left me not knowing what to do.  Years passed when I did wrong things and gave up on life.  I accepted dirt instead of clean.

I'm a grown woman with no kids or husband.  What's left to me from my mom and dad's death are three brothers who are someone I can say hello to, but, instead I've found a more powerful person who opens and closes doors when He knows what's best for you, and that's Jesus Christ.  On July 1, 2007 I found Jesus and was baptized.

Before that day, I served jail sentences about three or four times in my life but never ended up in prison.  Only God knows why that door stayed closed from me!  My last jail sentence was 37 days, and I found a church group of women who came and served God with us and spoke about a ministry they had that reached out to women who wanted Jesus in their lives.  

Today I have been with these women for two years and eight months.  I've served the gospel with them and thank God for His love and presence in them!  Women in Truth is the ministry.

I just had to have the faith and love to keep seeking the Lord's love and plan He has for me.  My job is to stay correct with God, share His gospel with others and be an honest giver to anyone who is in need of help.  God is the man with all power and acceptance.  He gives me glory through His glory and understanding through all trials and tribulation.  He has never let me down because He knows what I need.  I want to walk obediently through His love and the kindness of His Spirit!

Today I know I have Jesus, and tomorrow when He calls me up with Him, then everyone will know I'm in heaven!

March 14, 2010