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Wendy's Testimony through Poetry


BY Wendy
Written at the
Marion County Jail - 2003

Hello, I'm the powerful crack cocaine,
Hit me once, your life will never be the same.

I'll make you run, and make you hide.
Three months smoking me you'll look like you died.

When the feeling for another hit returns to your brain,
You'll do whatever it takes for that feeling to remain.

Wondering where your self-control is as your brain has a stroke,
I took that self-control when you first inhaled my smoke.

If I can I'll keep you on this roller-coaster high,
Your soul will burn, I'll keep it lit so you can fly.

I'll keep you from feeling that shame and guilt inside,
Be careful or you'll never know this drug that you have tried.

There is, of course, always a way,
To escape the drugs and sins each day.

Jesus, our Lord, is all that we need
To turn from this and finally succeed.

The road is long and Satan will follow,
Just keep your faith and God will swallow

Those sins of your past and Satan's pain,
Stay away from drugs and you will surely gain.

Love, mercy and care for the Master
These are things we need to go after.