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Overview of Women In Truth Ministries

Women In Truth (WIT) is a non-profit women's ministry that was originally founded and developed at the First Baptist Church of Belleview, Florida, but is now a separate, not-for-profit ministry. Our funds are designated donations from Christian friends in our church family and community. The Women In Truth (WIT) purpose is reaching out beyond the church doors, with the loving arms of Jesus, to all women in the community who have a desire to make Jesus their personal Savior and the Lord and Master of their lives.

The WIT goal is to provide spiritually life-changing opportunities in assisting:

1) women to understand God's plan and purpose in their life through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

2)  women who make a commitment to leave the enemy's strongholds behind.

3)  women who are truly ready to start a new life in Christ.

4)  women who are willing to obediently follow Biblical principles and practices.

5)  women to successfully restore and/or maintain their independent home as responsible citizens in our community.

The Women In Truth Ministry includes a WIT Jail Ministry, WIT Jail Pen Pal Ministry, WIT Church Sunday School Class, WIT Transitional Home, a Department of Children & Family (DCF) Approved 9-Month Spiritual Rehabilitation Program, a follow-up weekly WIT Newsletter and a WIT Web Site.

It's roots began at the Marion County Jail, Ocala, FL, where Ann Kuefner, a volunteer Women's Chaplain of 12 years, first saw the desperate need for the "church to open their doors to women, especially those who are the 'least of them': the lost, the hurting, the incarcerated, the homeless, the abused, the addicted, the lonely, the ignored, the struggling, the misunderstood, the outcast, the sick, the new....any woman who needs loving spiritual guidance and support."

Ann relates, "Alarmingly, I watched pimps and drug dealers providing needy women with more love and support than the church!"  My heart was convicted and I knew, "there was something very, very wrong with this picture!  I knew the solution was women's church ministry!"

Thus began the exciting and successful WIT Sunday School class in 1998!  Soon after a church van service was established to pick up needy women.

With the great increase and needs of the WIT Ministry, in November, 2003, the Women In Truth Home became God's next step.  The purpose of the WIT Home is to provide first class housing for women who temporarily need a stable, safe, supportive Christ-centered environment.  Ann describes it as "a Spiritual Health Spa with Jesus: a place where women can truly begin life again, reaching beyond their circumstances through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ."  Women graduates live totally free at the WIT Home with the majority of their employment salaries saved in a "required WIT church savings account."  By doing so, they are financially able to obtain their own apartment/home following graduation.

In 2005, the State of Florida Department of Family and Children, approved the WIT Spiritual Rehabilitation 6 - 9 Month Program which has gained great respect by the community and court system.

A minimum of six volunteer WIT Directors implement and monitor the WIT procedures and policies with both professionalism and in Christ's unconditional love.  It is a joint effort with the staff and church body who volunteer to use their spiritual gifts to assist the WIT members in a wide variety of areas:  Bible & Life Skills classes, Van drivers, Financial Assistance, Home Maintenance, Employment, Future Housing, Clothing, Furniture, Food and Family Restoration are just a few.

Graduates of the WIT program receive special congregational recognition with a beautiful WIT Framed Graduation plague.  Many graduates continue to remain a member of the sponsoring church, serving actively with their spiritual gifts.